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26 Candies

Hello, we are in love with Chocolate!

My name is Tanya and I am a Confectionery chef and Co-founder of 26 CANDIES. 26 CANDIES is a small family-owned cottage production operating in Hallandale Beach, FL. The project was officially launched in mid-2020 with a mission to bring special memories to customers and everyone involved. I believe that chocolate is a universal language of love and I am so excited for you to feel it! 26 CANDIES is where you find your delicious and breathtaking bonbons and pastries. Feel special - because you are! Love, Tanya and 26 CANDIES


Q: Do you offer sugar free products? A: No, we don't have any sugar free items at the moment. Q: And do you offer vegan or gluten free products? A: We don't have vegan options now, but we probably will in the future. Most of our French macarons and Chocolate bonbons recipes are gluten free - if this matters, please drop us a message to learn more. Q: Do you ship nationwide? A: Our products are perishable and won't survive extreme temperatures or temperature jumps. We want your orders to reach you safe and sound! Q: Can I pick flavors? A: Sure! Choose your box option and select flavors you prefer. Q: How do I store bonbons? A: Store in a cool and dry place at ideally 64-68F or rather in a regular fridge (be sure to cover your box in a plastic wrap or alike). Q: And how do I store pastries? A: Store in a locked box in a regular fridge. It is possible to freeze some of them (for instance, macarons) for about a month if necessary (same thing - locked plastic box and a plastic wrap). Please, feel free to ask in case you doubt. Q: How long do your products last? A: We suggest that the bonbons are consumed within 30 days, while pastries may last for as long as 2-3 days. All orders are labeled with expiration dates for your convenience, but again - feel free to ask for recommendations if uncertain. Q: What are your bonbons basically made of? A: We use premium Belgian and French couvertures (Callebaut, Cacao Barry, and Valrhona) for chocolate shells. The fillings are usually made of same chocolate, fruit purees (Ravifruit, Boiron, Ponthier), nuts and their derivatives, milk or cream, cocoa butter, and sugars. Please do let us know if you need more details or have questions. Q: Can you create custom orders for friends, family or clients? A: For special orders, please send us a message at with your details and/or requests. Q: What is your return policy? A: Generally, we do not accept returns/offer refunds. We are a small production and most of our products are made on commission. If you have any questions, please let us know your order date and details at and we'll get back right there! We strive for your best experience with 26 CANDIES!

Fresh & Delicious

As a small cottage production we make all of our goods on comission and use no artificial preservatives of any kind. Please, be sure to read information on ingredients below to avoid allergies. Our bonbons and pastries contain and/or may contain: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, natural flavoring (like vanilla beans and paste, food grade flowers, orange blossom/rose water, etc.), whole milk powder, salt, fruit purees, NH pectin, gelatin, pure water, tree nuts, almonds, peanuts, whole milk, heavy cream, inverted sugar, sorbitol, dextrose, glucose syrup/powder, olive oil, butter, food grade colors and pigments. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more details.

Delivery & Pickup

You can purchase your items online and pick them up at our place in Hallandale Beach, FL or have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Delivery is free on some orders depening on the order price. We do our best to get your orders delivered on time, but please note that we produce our goods on comission and it takes 2-3 days before we deliver or make orders ready for pickup. Please, let us now if you need faster delivery or pickup in comments at checkout (if by any chance we have some extra stock, we'll be happy to offer it). At the Secure Checkout page, you‘ll see the ordered item’s description, its price, and delivery time and quote.